Seeking closure on the summer course

Dear friends,

It is time for us to call a close to the first of the three courses that are part of the MSU-Wipro Urban STEM & Leadership program. We will be turning in your grades for this first course over the next few days AND will be sending you an email (to your MSU account) with final feedback for the course and your course-grade. Please note this message will be going to your MSU account.

We also have two surveys for you to complete. The first is an evaluation of Punya Mishra as instructor and the other is a form for the program overall as well as input on the other instructors (Akesha, Candace, & Kyle). Please take a few minutes to complete these two surveys. It should not take too long but we do value your input – and it helps us make the program better as we move forward.

Link to Punya’s Instructional survey

Link to Program (and other instructor’s) survey:

We will be getting in touch with you sometime soon with what the next steps are. We will be starting the next course right away – and essentially you have till the 7th of September to write up your fully fleshed out DreamIT proposal. Further details coming soon.

So congratulations on completing the first phase of the MSU-Wipro Urban STEM program and we look forward to working together in the future.

~ punya (for Akesha, Candace, Kyle & Punya)