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Developing a Personal Manifesto

Developing a personal manifesto (April 20 – May 16)

In this section we will go back to the goals you had set for yourself at the beginning of the semester, the reading on Rocking the Boat as well as your experience in preparing for the AERA presentation to develop a personal manifesto. We will, as always do this in stages, as follows:

1. The Personal MBA as a framework for thinking about growth
2. Revisiting your goals
3. Curating your personal manifesto
4. Writing your personal manifesto

Personal MBA April 20 to April 26
Go to the personal MBA assignment page here. Then, read “The Personal MBA: Mastering Business Without Spending a Fortune” by Josh Kaufman (2005). You will use this as an example when thinking of revising your goal as a leader in STEM and when writing your Personal Manifesto.

Revisiting your Goal April 27 to May 03
Using all of the tasks you have worked on this far, you need to revise your STEM and/or leadership goals that will guide your Personal Manifesto. Use the Personal MBA as a reference and shape your goals that will lead to create your Personal Manifesto. Write a 350-500 word response defining your goals.

Curating your Manifesto May 04 to May 10
Curate and annotate 10-20 articles as your personal manifesto resources using blendspace or a social bookmarking service. Social bookmarking allows you to annotate and share your reading with others. If you do not already use a social bookmarking service, we recommend that you use blendspace for this assignment so that you are familiar with the tool.  CIick here for a quick tutorial on how to annotate your resources in blendspace.  If you’d like to take on the challenge or if you already use a social bookmarking tool, feel free to use it in place of blendspace (ex: Diigo, LiveBinder, Evernote, etc.)

Writing your Personal Manifesto May 11 to May 16
Write your personal manifesto (dedicate a new page on your website to your manifesto and related artifacts).
Use your personal manifesto to produce
a. The idea of Tempered Radicals as it applies to your context
b. A reflection on your experience developing the instrumental and missional thinking
c. A screencast reflection of the personal manifesto process

Personal MBA

PERSONAL MBA Now that we are done with presenting at AERA, how amazing was that? Using your experience with taking lead in social and academic settings, we want to introduce the concept of Personal MBA as a part of your road to Personal Manifesto. For this task, we are going to step out of educational …