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Roots of STEM, e-book

Roots of STEM

One of the reasons you were selected as a fellow is your deep experience, knowledge and passion. We would like to take a snapshot of your experience through the following project.

  1. We will model a teaching demo for you in a STEM discipline. You will review and provide feedback of the teaching demo.
  2. Next you will have the opportunity to facilitate a teaching demo over a topic of your choice. You will receive constructive feedback from the group that includes ways they might modify your lesson to fit various teaching contexts.
  3. You will create a document that compiles the lesson you presented with the feedback you received from your colleagues. This document should be submitted to by Monday, July 21st, 2014 as an email attachment or share on Google Drive.
  4. We will compile the submissions into a publication that you will receive prior to the conclusion of the summer session.