In this semester we will be shifting focus a bit from the work we have been doing so far into thinking about leadership. As you will see we will continue work on the DreamIT projects (no they never go away) but will expand our horizons somewhat. Specifically these are the strands we will be exploring:


  1. Defining leadership goals & becoming a Tempered Radical (January 19 – March 7)
  2. Developing a professional presence & presenting at a national conference (March 7 – April 17)
  3. Developing a Personal Manifesto (April 17 – May 16)


THIS I BELIEVE (May 16 – July 7)

Bonus: Here is a Timeline of Assignments to help you manage your work


Building Leadership Capacity

The goal of this assignment is to develop a personal manifesto – in the form of an essay and video. We see these as being combined into a book – just as we had done with the Roots of STEM in summer. We will go to the manifesto in stages, described below. Defining leadership goals …

Spring Dream IT Project

The second round of your Dream IT project will be implemented over the course of the Spring semester. Similar to the Fall, you will need to create a plan for how your project will look over the course of the semester, implement the plan and reflect on your progress. The Dream IT section of your …

Spring Semester Timeline of Assignments

Dream IT: Fall-Ing Forward Reflection – January 25th In The Room Activity – January 26th Dream IT: Timeline – February 1st Dream IT: Round 2 Updates February 15th March 15th April 12th Rocking The Boat – February 22nd Setting Goals: Instrumental and Missional Thinking – March 7th Digital Makeover Part One: Conduct a Background Check …

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