July 9th, 2014 (Day 1)

Today in History

This Day in History
1819 Elias Howe, American inventor of the sewing machine, was born
1856 Amedeo Avogadro, Italian chemist, died at age eighty
1877 the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club began its first lawn tennis tournament at Wimbledon, then an outer-suburb of London.
1947 the First female US army officer was appointed lieutenant colonel
1962 Bob Dylan recorded “Blowin’ In The Wind”
1981 Donkey Kong was released, marking the debut of Nintendo’s future mascot, Mario


Today in Chicago

 Readings Presentation
Shoot and Tweet
Today in History
World of Wonder

  • To each other & the program
Discussion of readingsThree big ideas to be tweeted using #MSUrbanSTEM

Tech Tips

  • Course site, Facebook & email
Forming Groups

  • Finding a name and “introducing the groups” activity
Distribution of Surface Tablets
Survey(s) & Consent Agreements

Assignment of Days to Groups

  • World of Wonder
  • Storify
  • Tech Tips
Reflection Time

  • Today’s Moment of WOW
  Video to End the Day: The three pathologies of learning



Complete the following readings and be prepared to discuss in classWhile you are reading, think about how the four key capacities Mansilla & Gardner mention relate to your discipline.

Think about the current theories of learning addressed by Wilson & Peterson, and how they connect to what you do.