Looking Forward


Hey there, good to see you again – albeit through this website. We hope that each of you has had some time to rest and recuperate after the intense 2 week summer experience. We sure did. But it is time to get back to work. As we said, this is a marathon and we just got off the starting block. So here are some quick updates and deadlines coming up.


The most important deadline right now is August 8. By this time you should have have on your website all the assignments completed over the 2 weeks AND a reflection paper. Look over the work you have done and if you want to make any changes / updates please do so before this date. A list of assignments is given below.

More importantly as we move forward into the rest of the year, and transition to the online portion of the fellowship we need to make sure that each of you is getting the help, feedback and support you need. For this reason we are organizing the fellowship into 3 groups – each to be led by one instructor/advisor. The groups have been organized with an emphasis on commonalities in your DreamIT big ideas. Kyle, Candace, and Akesha will each be the advisor for each group, with Punya serving as super-advisor. This is to make sure that each of you gets detailed, individualized feedback and support through the year. The groups are as follows:


Akesha Candace Kyle
Rosalind Kenn Zarina
Ashley  Jen  Joanna
Adrienne  Leslie  Tasha
Angelica  Will  Anna
 Ajay Sussan  RJ
 Roberto Bella  Kevin
 Stevie  Chrissy  Manny
 Alicia  Beverly  Donna



Your lead instructor will provide you with feedback on the assignment’s listed below, using your MePage that you created before the course started. You do not need to send any assignments to your lead instructor, as each assignment must be on your website for feedback and final submission. Your lead instructor will email you when feedback has been added to your MePage. This will serve as a running dialogue between you and your lead instructor.

You will begin to receive feedback from your lead instructor on the following assignments over the next week. Again, the due date for the final version of the assignments listed below is August 8th.

In addition to the above assignments, please be aware that Phase II of your Dream IT is due by September 7th. We will give more information about that and the September 13 meeting in future messages.


Be sure to continue to share  in the Facebook group and on Twitter using #MSUrbanSTEM. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions or answers, and use the community we have built this summer!

NOTE: Design for August created by Punya Mishra. The  cut-up 8 standing in for the “g” in August, indicates both that August is the 8th month, AND that the deadline for your work is the 8th! How cool is that 🙂