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Dream IT: Fall-ing Forward Reflection & Timeline

Fall-ing Forward Reflection

Use the Final Fall Reflection you completed at the end of the Fall semester to help guide your Spring semester. By January 25th, you must have published a one page document on your website. This look back at your Fall implementation will assist your planning and organization of the second round of Dream IT implementation.  Some questions to consider in your reflection:

  • What would you do differently if you could start again?
  • What are the small details that if attended to, could have improved the entirety of the project?
  • What are the areas in which your project can grow?
  • What do you wish to see out of your Dream IT this semester?
  • What would be your wildest hopes for your project during this round of implementation?

Be sure to post this reflection on your website, organized with the rest of your Dream IT documents, by January 25th. 




Lay out a plan for what your second round of implementation will look like over the course of the Spring.

  • This plan should be laid out in the form of a timeline, that visually illustrates the various stages of your implementation throughout the Spring semester.

Post the timeline to your website, organizing with the rest of your Dream IT artifacts, by February 1st.