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Tech Tips

Tech Tips
  •  Joanna
    • TechTip: To create a unique e-mail address using an e-mail account that you already have you can add a “+” sign. For instance, my cps e-mail address is I can create an infinite number of additional e-mail addresses such as:
      Any e-mails sent to these addresses will go to my main e-mail inbox at
  • Mahesh
  • Bella
    • Google Search to define/pronounce words “Define (word)” and calculate (type equation, result in calculator pops up)
  • RJ
  • Roberto
  •  Ashley
  • Zarina:
    • To take a picture with your iphone you can also flip your and press the volume button and take a picture.
  • Donna:
    • IPhone in the compass app first calibrate and you have a compass swipe to the left for a level
  • Kevin:
  • Steven:
  • Kenn – Run Windows on a Mac Using Mac App “Parallels”. Allows You to Run Windows in a “window” on a Macintosh.
  • Ajay – CamDictionary Free (Translation app using camera)
  • Adrienne – On Surface, swipe form the left side to view previous screens or to have two items shown at once
  • Anna – Schoology
  • Beverly – Voice recognition on Surface