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Spring Dream IT Project

The second round of your Dream IT project will be implemented over the course of the Spring semester. Similar to the Fall, you will need to create a plan for how your project will look over the course of the semester, implement the plan and reflect on your progress. The Dream IT section of your personal website should be updated with the following:

  1. Fall-ing Forward Reflection January 26th
  2. Timeline February 1st
  3. Round 2 UpdatesFebruary 15th, March 15th & April 12th
  4. Final Report May 16th


The most important thing to remember is that this is NOT a project you are doing to merely complete the requirements of the fellowship. This is for real. Don’t be afraid to aim high and take some risks.

Dream IT: Fall-ing Forward Reflection & Timeline

Fall-ing Forward Reflection Use the Final Fall Reflection you completed at the end of the Fall semester to help guide your Spring semester. By January 25th, you must have published a one page document on your website. This look back at your Fall implementation will assist your planning and organization of the second round of …

Dream IT: Round 2 Updates

Round 2 Updates Just as in the fall, you should continue documenting your process on the DreamIT Project section of your teacher website. Be sure to include artifacts that help illustrate your project to  (this update could take any form you feel is appropriate — a Twitter widget with daily updates, a blog post about …

Dream IT: Final Report

Final Report By our final face-to-face meeting, you are expected to have written and posted your final report on this whole process. In your one page document, be sure to include: What you have learned in the teaching itself? What you have learned about the whole design process? How has this project influenced your teaching …