Apply to MAET

If you’re interested in applying to the MAET program – we’ve made the process very simple for our Wipro fellows!

You only need to complete step 1 & step 3 of the admissions process:

Since you have already submitted materials for the MSU-Wipro fellowship, we will use those as your other supporting documentation.  You do NOT have to fill out the academic or personal statements on the University application and a GRE score is not required.

Your 9 MSU-Wipro fellowship credits will go towards the MAET degree and we can discuss which program path (online, hybrid, or overseas) works best for you!

You don’t have to make a decision right away, however, do know that MSU credits have a “shelf-life” of 5 years, so, if you did want to enter the degree program you would need to be finished by 2020 (sounds so futuristic!)

It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you over the past year – and even if you don’t continue on, know you’ll always be a part of the MAET Spartan family.